Curried Veggies


Images for the first of the art journal series were turned in for printing this week, and I’m already at work on art for the next journal.

I get a lot of questions about methods and materials I use in my art and I’m planning to create some tutorials this fall. For now, here’s today’s progress:

art in progress by L.A. KmenNourish…

In all honesty, this was another ramen-for-lunch afternoon – at least it’s all of the healthy variety. This time I mixed miso, greens, mushrooms and spices.

more ramen


curried tofuDinner was curried tofu and peas with more greens. I’m trying to up my veggie intake and finding ways to add greens everywhere I can. Tonight’s curry was thrown together from available items, but a couple of my favorite real curry recipes are this sweet potato and chick pea recipe on NoMeatAthlete and a potato, spinach and chickpea mix here from the Epicurious site .


Oh man, I feel like I’m phoning it in coming up with motivational sparks to post about – and I realize right now that’s because I’m still phoning it in with life. My idea with these posts is to show the building of a life full of story and intent. THAT is definitely a work in progress.