L. Áine Kmen

Áine is pronounced like “awn + ya.” Pronouncing Kmen takes more explanation. The first is Irish and the latter is Czech.

Aine Kmen photoI’m a full-time artist and started this blog as a way to collect all the other creative parts of my life into one spot, an online home separate from my regular artist site.

I create art with layers of handmade paper, acrylic, watercolor and pencil. My career started with hand-papermaking using plant fibers and recycled materials, and my work still utilizes a lot of my own handmade paper.

I sail, I hike and I cook lots of vegan food. I’m inspired by the ocean, the desert, the mountains, the people I meet and my favorite literature and musicians. I’m a parent to a crazy Australian Shepherd named Riley.

Originally from Saratoga Springs, NY, I attended Wells College and then graduate school in Syracuse. I worked in environmental education for several years for regional and international non-profits and was blessed with lots of amazing adventures.

I’ve been a full-time artist since 2006 and split my time between San Diego and Las Vegas until January 2016, when I moved to Gig Harbor, WA. I’m loving my new home and studio in Gig Harbor and look forward to sharing lots of stories and photos in upcoming posts.


My original work and fine art prints are available on my “Prayers and Wishes” shop page.

For more business information and my full portfolio, visit LAKmenDesigns.com.