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  • Art and Vegan Cheese

    Create… Happy Weekend! Nourish… I finally made it to the Saturday farmers’ market for vegan cheese. Love, love, love this stuff. Local Vegas business – check out her site at

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  • Curried Veggies

    Create… Images for the first of the art journal series were turned in for printing this week, and I’m already at work on art for the next journal. I get a lot of questions about methods and materials I use in my art and I’m planning to create some tutorials this fall. For now, here’s […]

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  • When Life Gets Hectic, it’s Time for Ramen

    This Wish by L.A. Kmen

    Create… Nourish… Two days of travel and work deadlines led to this 4 pm lunch. I love that there are healthy-ish ways to make comfort foods similar to the ones I used to depend on in stressful times. I found this organic ramen with no natural flavors or other ickiness and buy it now by […]

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  • Graphics, Cupcakes and Compassion Reminders

    Empowered card design by L.A. Kmen

    Create… Today was another computer day, working with already-finished art to create some new digital projects. Feeling accomplished and looking forward to returning to actual paint and brushes in a couple of days. Nourish… Well, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but sometimes you just have to bake. This was my second go-round […]

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  • Journals, Toast and Being Vulnerable

    Ocean September 27

    Create… There was a lot of computer work this weekend – still creative work, but not all that exciting for visuals, so Saturday and Sunday are rolled into one post. My newest project is a series of Art Prayer Journals. Some will be scripture-based and some will use other forms of inspiration. I’m working on […]

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  • Day Two, Making it Work

    hiking trail on Catalina

    Create… Some days the creativity comes galloping like a unicorn snorting rainbows and some days it doesn’t (that would be today). I try to be as productive as possible during the less inspired hours, with tasks like building up collage bases or painting intermediate glazes on pieces that have been waiting for me to remember […]

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  • Vegan Gnudi Balls

    vegan gnudi balls

    We love this recipe so much, it’s one of the few I can cook from memory. Gnudi balls are basically like eating the inside of a cheesey ravioli, except without the pasta wrapped around, and, in this case, without the cheese. The first time I made them for someone, they turned down a second helping, […]

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  • Family Potluck Broccoli Salad – Veganized

    broccoli salad

    I loved this old-fashioned bacon and mayo broccoli salad when I was growing up. It seemed to always make an appearance at family gatherings, and for a long time,  it was one of my own go-to recipes for potluck contributions. It’s been years since I’ve made it because I thought of the bacon flavor and […]

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  • Easy Vegan Summer Potluck Idea

    Black Bean Corn Salad and Chips

    Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salad I know there are lots of variations on the corn and black bean salad out there, but this is my favorite. It’s an easy go-to for hot summer days, keeps well for potlucks and you can eat it with chips like a salsa or as a salad. It’s even […]

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  • Easy Vegan Pancake Ideas

    Once upon a time (this spring) I remembered how much I love pancakes. That led to my usual kitchen experiments and to realizing how easy it is to make fun variations on the theme. And now it’s possible that pancakes are eaten in our house at least once a week. They’re vegan pancakes, and relatively […]

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