Graphics, Cupcakes and Compassion Reminders

Empowered card design by L.A. Kmen


Today was another computer day, working with already-finished art to create some new digital projects. Feeling accomplished and looking forward to returning to actual paint and brushes in a couple of days.

Empowered card design by L.A. KmenNourish…

Well, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but sometimes you just have to bake. This was my second go-round with these cupcakes. I added extra confectioner’s sugar to the frosting and may play around with the recipe in the future because they’re a little sticky, but overall just fine the way they are. A great base if you want to experiment with vegan cupcakes. Recipe here on the itdoesnttastelikechicken site.

cupcakes for bakingSpark…

An apology for the photo quality on this beautiful piece below. It’s one I purchased in Louisville years ago while on a business trip when I wandered into a gallery to kill time.

It was during a time when I wasn’t feeling compassionate in ways I wanted to be, and reading the artist’s statement brought me back to a place of empathy. The art is an embroidered piece on fabric and I keep it displayed every place I’ve lived as a reminder to stay compassionate.

Here’s the piece and the artist’s statement that still moves me.

artist statementWhen the Saints Go Marching In