I Could Live on the Sea

I Could Live on the Sea by L.A. Kmen

Another friends and family preview discount offering… the top pic in the post title is the entire painting, detail pics are included below since the piece is difficult to fully capture in one screen shot.

I painted this one first in my head. It takes us twelve hours by sailboat from San Diego to Catalina island. Fourteen hours-plus if the weather is off. The weather was off on the last trip and it was about sixteen hours of hanging on tight.

I love that even a short distance from shore, my phone gets no service, there’s no wi-fi… all stress issues have to wait until I return to civilization.  I’m so happy on the boat, I literally could live on the sea.

I Could Live on the Sea detail 1 by L.A. Kmen

There are a lot of hours on days like that when there’s too much rocking and rolling to do anything but watch waves go by and stare at the sky (and fix boat things that need to work in order to keep going  – but that’s a whole other story). So I painted in my head and when we got home, painted on canvas.

I Could Live on the Sea Detail 2 by L.A. Kmen

“I Could Live on the Sea” is 30×30″ on 1.5″ deep stretched canvas, no need for framing unless you want to. Price will start at $2,200 when it’s listed on my site in a few days. The preview price right now is $1,600, a little more than 25% discount. Please message me at Aine@LAKmenDesigns.com in the next couple of days if you’d like the discount. I’m happy to send you additional photos if you’d like a closer look. Price includes shipping and shipping insurance in the United States.