I needed a hike!


“Now, the true charm of pedestrianism does not lie in the walking, or in the scenery, but in the talking.

The walking is good to time the movement of the tongue by, and to keep the blood and the brain stirred up and active; the scenery and the woodsy smells are good to bear in upon a man an unconscious and unobtrusive charm and solace to eye and soul and sense; but the supreme pleasure comes from the talk.”

Mark Twain, from A Tramp Abroad


Sometimes I walk for exercise, sometimes to clear the cobwebs from my brain and sometimes it’s just awesome to be in great company.

After a couple weeks of workdays that somehow mostly stretched from 7 am till bedtime, I really needed fresh air this morning. This is a group (Vegas Hikers) I’d been wanting to join on a hike for a while and a trail I hadn’t tried before, so it all came together. It’s our one cloudy day for the week, which was nice for the cool temps and now that I know where the trail is, I’ll go back in a few days to get some sunny pics.

Here’s what Kraft Mountain Loop looked like today…

Kraft Loop 1 Kraft Loop 4

“Walking is the great adventure, the first meditation, a practice of heartiness and soul primary to humankind. Walking is the exact balance between spirit and humility.” Gary Snyder

Kraft Loop 7

Kraft Loop 5

Kraft Loop 8 Kraft Loop 10 Kraft Loop 11


Thanks to Kristy for sharing this group pic!

Thanks to Kristy for sharing this group pic!