Sky Burst

Sky Burst by L.A. Kmen

Rainy days are good, especially for getting work done

I painted most of this piece a week and a half ago during the weird weekend of southern California storms.  It’s titled “Sky Burst,” because sometimes a whole bunch of crazy, unexpected rain comes at the same time our spirits need a little bursting out.

At a friend’s suggestion, I’m trying  something different with new art.

I’m posting newly finished work on my fb, instagram, blog, etc. a couple days before I list them on my shop site and offering sort of a “family and friends” preview discount if you’d like to purchase the piece before it’s officially listed. If it’s still up for grabs two days later, I’ll go ahead and make it available at regular retail on my shop site.

I’ve been focused lately on special projects and commissioned pieces (yay!), and when I do finish new work, I often have someone local already lined up to purchase it (also yay!),  but that means my shop website isn’t staying as refreshed with new art as I’d like. I’m hoping a self-challenge to post a finished piece every two or three weeks will help, as well as give me a way to offer a preview discount to friends.

If you’d like any of the pieces, or more pics or info, message me at I can invoice and accept paypal, major credit cards, and checks (although if we do a check by mail, I prefer to wait until the check clears to ship the piece).

Price includes shipping and shipping insurance fees within the U.S.

The preview discount price for Sky Burst is $750 and the retail price when listed in my shop will start at $1,000, so it’s a 25% savings.

“Sky Burst” is approximately 20×20″ on gallery-wrapped canvas, which means it is a deep canvas and has the sides painted so you don’t have to frame it unless you want to. It’s made with acrylic paint, handmade papers, and acrylic glazes. It comes with a hanging wire already attached, and a final varnish that will keep the art bright and safe.

Sky Burst by L.A. Kmen