Aine Kmen at easel

Unfinished… that’s my theme for July.

canvases in process

It’s taken me a while to get back to blogging and posting my art and news to social media. I kept wanting to have more art finished to share… I have stacks and stacks of unfinished work right now. It’s been fantastic to have specific projects to create for special orders and to attend lots of networking opportunities in my new home, but in the meantime I’ve pushed aside many of the pieces I started over the past year. It’s a recurring issue, but this time the pile-up is particularly bad and I have so much art I want to finish. So. much. art.

unfinished art 2

Which is why July is about unfinished work – and getting the job done. I’ve challenged myself to finish one piece of art a day for the rest of the month (I know, it’s already the fourth – I thought about backtracking and finishing four pieces this weekend, but that seemed like an overwhelming way to begin my self-challenge!).

I may not post all of them, but I’m excited to really have a disciplined month in the studio and to protect that time from the over-scheduling of marketing and networking events that I’ve been guilty of the past few months.

I’m looking forward to sharing the process, inspiration and finished work along the way.


mixed media art

unfinished artUnfinished art 4