Vegan Gnudi Balls

vegan gnudi balls

We love this recipe so much, it’s one of the few I can cook from memory.

Gnudi balls are basically like eating the inside of a cheesey ravioli, except without the pasta wrapped around, and, in this case, without the cheese.

The first time I made them for someone, they turned down a second helping, telling me “they’re so full of cheese, and I want to watch out for the dairy fat.” Ummmm… if I made them you can be assured there’s no dairy in there. They did go back for seconds (and I think thirds), and gnudi balls have been a regular event on our menu ever since. They do kind of look “nude” without any sauce.

vegan gnudi ballsI’m posting a straight link to the recipe on One Green Planet because they are so perfect as written, I don’t mess with them. The recipe calls for chickpea flour, and since we’re not sensitive to gluten, I’ve used plain old white flour a few times instead. The results are great both ways, but I like knowing we’re getting an extra nutritional hit with the chickpea flour.

I’ve served these with a variety of sauces and only veggies on the side, as a traditional dish with a plate of pasta and red sauce (and garlic bread), and as a baked dish with layers of pasta, sauce, gnudi balls and vegan cheese (and garlic bread). All work well.

You can find the link on One Green Planet at


gnudi balls