Easy Vegan Pancake Ideas

Once upon a time (this spring) I remembered how much I love pancakes. That led to my usual kitchen experiments and to realizing how easy it is to make fun variations on the theme. And now it’s possible that pancakes are eaten in our house at least once a week.

They’re vegan pancakes, and relatively healthy compared to the hangover-type all-night restaurant ones I used to gorge on years ago… back when I used to do things that gave me hangovers.

I know making basic pancakes from scratch isn’t that difficult, but I found a buckwheat mix at the store that didn’t have any weird additives, and I just felt like buying a box of pancake mix. I swapped out the recommended egg with ener-g egg replacer and used non-dairy milk. It worked fine. Their texture is heavier than plain old white flour pancakes, but if you’re looking for plain white flour pancakes, you’re probably not reading this anyway.

pancake box instructions

The second time around instead of the egg replacer, which I always seem to make too gloppy, I used a tablespoon of chia seeds mixed in a little water, plus two very ripe mashed bananas, plus non-dairy milk. This time was even better. I think the bananas made a big difference.


pancake ingredients

I don’t have gluten restrictions, so I don’t seek out gluten-free recipes in particular, but I try to use non-wheat flours to up my nutritional points where I can. So for the next round I used the buckwheat mix as a start, but substituted part of the mix with coconut flour and used the egg/milk/banana substitutions above. They were still great and I didn’t notice much of a difference in texture or taste.

The experiments continue and I’ll come up with a version that doesn’t use any store-bought mix, once I make it through the rest of this box.

If you’re looking for something a little different, my pancake kick actually started in April when I made carrotcake pancakes with cashew cream cheese maple topping from the Connoisseurus Veg site. I love these because they’re delicious AND I feel like I get extra credit for having a vegetable in my pancakes. They’re a little more effort than the average pancake, but worth it for something unique. The recipe calls for whole wheat flour and I sub half of that with almond meal and coconut flour.

One last idea… we’re not very good in our house about buying fruit and actually eating it before it goes bad, so we got this giant bag of frozen berries and its perfect when you want a few at a time on top of pancakes.

fruit for pancakes

pancakes with fruit and nuts